Waking up is hard to do in the best of circumstances, but it’s a million times worse if you’re not even a morning person. Non-morning people were the majority in my house growing up — my mom and I outnumbering my dad 2:1 — and somehow, I think that it’s gotten worse for me as I’ve gotten older. My morning interactions with my parents can be summed up in by a series of grunts and mutters toward them, but they tend to take it stride and not much has changed since I’ve gone to college and my friends have witnessed my grouchiness in the morning. Those who aren’t morning people can sympathize with me. Overall, this is how a typical morning goes for me — and all non-morning college students — as told by the characters in the TV show, “Friends.”

1. Our alarm goes off obnoxiously loud and we sit up furiously. There are many times throughout the year that I have rolled over angrily and hit the snooze button for five more minutes before getting up for class. I would also be lying if I said that I have never felt the need to scream into my pillow in anger.


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