When we think of Barbie, we imagine the traditional, slim figure with blond hair and tight, fashionable clothes. Many young girls have grown up with an idealized image of how a girl “should look” based on Barbie’s appearance. However, Mattel, the company that produces the famous doll, has created three new Barbie figures — petite, tall and curvy — that will offer the first significant change to the doll in its 57-year history. I am glad to see the change that Mattel is bringing to the doll that originally offered a narrow perception of beauty. Being young and learning that society has certain expectations and standards of beauty is a rude awakening for many young people — by creating new dolls that do not have unachievable standards, I believe that Mattel will be making the transition slightly easier for girls who once looked to Barbie as the be all and end all.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror


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