Dear Kirk and Ethan,

I think I should put it out there that you two were the brothers I never had (and oftentimes never wanted) while growing up. You were at times brutally annoying and whiny to each other and me as we grew up, but enough about the obvious. We were closer than most cousins are growing up and despite the inevitable changes now that we’re older and spend most of our year in different states; I consider you to be two of my closest friends.

Summertime reminds me of our childhood in a couple of ways. The first is that we played in my backyard every day. Looking back, we had incredible tans thanks to all of the time that we spent in my pool. I still remember the bizarre games that we used to play (like the one where I was the old lady, Ethan; you were the cop and Kirk; you were the kidnapper). I also remember playing water volleyball, which inevitably resulted in trash talking each other until our parents reprimanded us. Those days in the pool were great because somehow we always managed to entertain ourselves (before you wimped out and complained that the water was too cold). However, I don’t miss the time you nearly made me drown and the other time you made me throw up from dunking me until I couldn’t breathe (yes, Kirk, you can deny it all you want, but you know that it’s true).

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