The fourth season of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” debuted on June 17. After the excitement from the previous season’s finale, I knew that there would be a lot to look forward to and I couldn’t wait to catch up on the lives of the women in Litchfield Penitentiary and learn about the back stories of those whose lives were not yet explored in great detail. Overall, I consider season four of “OITNB” to be successful, not only in its humor and heart, but also because of its focus on issues that are seldom, if ever, addressed on regular television. Here are some ways that the most recent season discussed prevalent social issues.

1. “You’re a straight, white man. You don’t get to be the victim.” – Judy King

Judy King, who is portrayed by Blair Brown, is new to Litchfield in season four and is easily one of the most problematic characters on the show. She is imprisoned for tax evasion. King is older than most of the women in the prison, and her age actively contributes to her ignorance of the world, as well as the racist remarks that she makes to several other inmates. However, in one scene with the Litchfield electrician, Joel Luschek (Matt Peters), she says the aforementioned line to him, effectively calling out his privilege in both the prison and the world, and for once, hits the nail right on the head. Unfortunately, she oftentimes misses the mark on comprehending her own privilege and how her race and class enable her to maintain her celebrity status within the prison.

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