When One Direction dropped their music video for their latest single “History,” I’m fairly certain that my roommate who was on the other side of campus heard me scream.

One Direction’s indefinite hiatus began following their final performance on the UK version of X-Factor on Dec. 12, 2015. Since then many fans, including myself, have missed the English/Irish boy band. As was custom for the music videos on their latest album, “Made In The A.M.,” they did not promote the video before it was released, so when I got out of class and checked my phone on Tuesday afternoon, I was evidently shocked.

The song “History” was dubbed the anthem of the One Direction fandom and the music video has held up to everyone’s expectations. It provides a strong sense of nostalgia, the behind-the-scenes footage telling One Direction’s incredible story over the past five years. The video itself is a touching tribute to the fans that have either followed the band since its inception or at any point in the past five years. Not only did the video begin with the band’s formation on X-Factor as they stood side-by-side, but the flashback sequence retold all the little moments with fans at arena concerts to stadium tours, and ultimately ended with the four remaining members of the band sharing their final group hug on the same stage that they were on as strangers five years prior.

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