One of the best decisions that my friends and I made during the spring semester of our freshman year at Fairfield was applying to live in Loyola Hall. At first, the prospect of having to take one class per semester that related to Ignatian values was unappealing and none of us were enthusiastic about the idea of fall and spring retreats. However, as we continued to progress throughout the semester, most of us fell in love with the community in Loyola Hall and personally, I was sad to leave the place that became my home-away-from-home. Here are the things that I will miss most about Loyola Hall.

1. The Commons

During the month of September, the Commons was an oasis away from the brutal heat of our dorm rooms. My roommate and I, in particular, felt as though we were living in a furnace for the first semester of school and that first month was spent seeking shelter in the one cool spot that was air-conditioned. Inside the Commons, friendships within the community were built, as well. We got to know the RAs in the building and the people who lived on other floors, which made it more fun when we would run into familiar faces.

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