As we begin to get used to the idea that spring is in fact here, I have organized a playlist of songs that I have a habit of listening to on those warm, sunny days while walking across campus to get to class. Here are 11 songs that are on my spring playlist:

1. “Empty” – Ray LaMontagne

Honestly, I could listen to this song during any season, but I find it particularly relaxing to listen to during the spring and summer. The gentle rasp of LaMontagne reminds me of spring semester during my first year at Fairfield, when I spent the afternoon laying on top of the hill in the middle of the quad.

2. “rEaR vIeW” – ZAYN

Since the release of Zayn Malik’s debut album, “Mind of Mine,” exactly a year after his departure from the globally successful boy band One Direction, I have found myself listening to several of his singles, on repeat, including “rEaR vIeW.” The song is a far cry from the type of music that the band has made, focusing a great deal on the electronic sounds that Malik, and those who he worked with in the studio, generated. His music style is an adjustment, but “rEaR vIeW,” as well as some other songs that I will mention later, flow naturally into each other and fit well when played in sequence.

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